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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  February 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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historically. >> reporter: it means that pg&e has to upgrade safety measures and rate payers would see their costs go up. >> it is more than unfair. it is outrageous. pg&e needs to take responsibility for the massive mistakes that apparently led to the san bruno disaster and the public utilities commission must hold pg&e accountable. >> reporter: mindy spat says pg&e has its priorities in the wrong place. >> we are talking about a company that pays its ceo approximately $10 million a year. >> reporter: they will pressure the public utilities commission to fight pg&e over rate increases. >> these are basic issues of safety we are talking about that should be expected. >> of course. our customers have a right to a safe system. >> reporter: and the pipeline disaster is already eating into pg&e's profits. allen, profits were down 10% to
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1.2 billion in 2010. >> at this point, this rate increase rate payers paying for this is what we call a trial balloon. this hasn't gone anywhere close to the puc yet, right. >> reporter: they are floating the idea to see where it lands. basically they have to go through the public utilities commission. there will be hearings on this. and as you heard, people are going to be fighting this. >> all right. len ramirez, thank you. well, he did it for his family. that's the excuse being offered for the drug cop arraigned today for stealing confiscated drugs and re-selling them. as joe vazquez tells us, that wasn't the only explosive revelation of the day. joe? >> reporter: dana, prosecutors laid out some of the details of the case. in one situation they say the drug commander stole some of the confiscated drugs from the drug locker and sold them through the private investigator to an employee of that firm. two men were supposed to go to
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the dump and dispose of chemicals that make up meth amphetamine. instead prosecutors said they kept them and sold them. >> reporter: you can barely see them behind the bullet proof glass. that is norm wilesh and private investigator chris butler on the right. they were formally charged before a contra costa judge this afternoon with more than 25 felony charges against each. the prosecutor stunned the courtroom when he told the judge that wilesh confessed that he stole drugs and then resold them with butler's help. the judge reduced the bail from $1 million down to $400,000. butler's attorney says he is still working on trying to reduce his client's bail. >> to the point he has accepted responsibility. >> reporter: why did they do it? wilesh's attorney says he was dealing with financial problems and a sick daughter. >> there are physical disabilities that will come out that he was dealing with. he has a daughter that needed a
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bone marrow transplant and he was the donor. >> reporter: butler has made no such admissions. in fact, he says it is self- serving. >> you have them basically investigating their own commander. that commander is apparently saying, well, really, the money was being made by the private investigator. >> my client had no access. >> do you think another agency should be investigating this or step in at some point? >> i think another agency should have stepped in probably in january when whatever surveillance was being started was starting. >> reporter: investigations done by cnet may be in jeopardy. but the district attorney said not so fast. >> we know our duty under the law to expose exculpattory details. judges will make sure we are disclosing where we should
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disclose. >> reporter: we learned late this afternoon that the narcotics task force has shut down, dana, until further notice investigating whether they will go further from here. >> thank you. two women robbed in one night. a disturbing crime spree in the outer mission district of san francisco. simon perez live with why neighbors say they are not surprised by these attacks. simon. >> reporter: allen, you can't say it enough. you really have to know what's going on around you when you are walking on the streets. the san francisco police department investigating the cases of attacks against two women on the same streets by the city college. attacks while they are minding their own business. two women walking along this avenue suffered attacks around 8:30 p.m. last night. police are convinced the two assaults are related. the victims describe the same suspects. black men. one 6 feet tall and the other
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5. 6 feet tall. they grabbed one woman's backpack. grabbed credit cards. another they grabbed a cell phone. 8:39 p.m. and then 8:44 p.m. the attacks happened. they didn't flee after the first attack they searched for another victim. >> we don't know why someone would actually stick around. but suspects typically in cases commit crimes, they are opportunistic crimes. >> you have a felony conviction one time in this country you will never work a legitimate job ever. so they need to think twice about that. >> i feel safe because i mind my business and i don't got nothing to do outside i stay in the house. >> reporter: the police department also announced an update on a crime that happened in this apartment complex in san francisco's lower knob hill neighborhood last friday. 67-year-old jack baker was found beaten to death. >> he had been brutally stabbed, strangled and beaten. it appeared that the homicide had occurred a number of days
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prior to the discovery of mr. baker's body. with cooperation from the residents in the building and evidence recovered from the scene, investigators were able to identify a recent roommate of the victim and a person of interest in this case. >> reporter: take a look at the picture. this is a picture of the suspect. he was already in a jail in marin county arrested for a different crime, a misdemeanor. back here live at the san francisco police department, investigators will not say, allen, exactly what it was that they found in mr. baker's apartment that led them to believe that this suspect is the murder in this case. >> simon perez in san francisco. thanks. take a look at this. clearly not where this automobile was supposed to end up. firefighters tell us that a 69- year-old woman lost control of her suv, drove right into the side of that garage there. snapping the gas main in the process. the accident happened early this morning on oak street in
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hayward. the good news, nobody was hurt. but no word on what made the woman lose control. windy, rainy weather causing problems across the bay area this evening. in oakland a tree came down across thornhill road at alhamber lane. it took down power lines with it. it happened just before 4:30 p.m. this afternoon next to thorhill elementary school. oakland police officers are controlling traffic in the area while crews clean up that mess. nobody was hurt though by that falling tree. another day of rain here in the bay area. another day of snow in our local mountains. i'll show you how some people were taking full advantage of the white stuff. did mark say another day of rain and another day of snow? well, how about another day after the other day. because more rain and snow in the weekend pinpoint forecast. an unusual sight in a bay area reservoir. what the man is dumping in the
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water may send you running for your rain jacket and fly rod. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this i ure from the the latest round of storms left a fresh blanket of snow in the mountains. this is a great picture from the observatory on mt. hamilton. one of our viewers sent it to us. drivers had to take it slow in the santa cruz mountains. you can see cars appearing out of a thick fog out of nowhere. that mixed with heavy periods of rain made the roads especially dicey. it will be cold and wet on this holiday weekend around the bay area. >> and a snowy one certainly. heading up to the mountains? not a bad idea. tell us about snowfall even closer to home. mark? >> reporter: indeed, allen and
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dany. plenty of rain here this afternoon creating a runoff at the gaudalupe river. those who took the trip into our local mountains this afternoon, some very pretty sights and for some at least some good times. as the snow piled up along skyline boulevard up went the snowman. friends eric butler and robert gutierrez from san jose said when they heard there could be more snow today they knew it was time to head to the mountains. >> a rare opportunity to get this much snow up here so we figured, let people what we are capable of and build a nice big snowman. >> reporter: they knew the snow would fall overnight but they were surprised by the amount. >> we were surprised. i had only ever seen it snow up here one other time and it was maybe a few inches. i feel like we are -- this is amazing. really wonderful. >> reporter: here along skyline boulevard we are getting a light snow and rain mix. it is not actually sticking to the pavement but cal-trans has
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crews coming through here to make sure this roadway stays open. >> what about the snow? >> wonderful. >> reporter: making the most of the snow by having a snowmobile fight. >> we live in pacifica. we have the ocean. we are 40 minutes away from five or six micro-climates. this is rare. when it is rare we come out. >> reporter: and the santa cruz mountains not the only place it snowed for a second straight down. this is on the way to the observatory. highway 13 remains closed in santa clara county all the way to the county line. >> a nice bottom. and a good middle. >> reporter: for laura from san jose this was the perfect chance to take her kids for their first ever visit to the snow. >> they are both kind of cold. we have no snow clothes at home. >> reporter: and all this wet weather obviously helping out
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our local water supply. the santa clara water district says as of this morning its reservoirs now at 93% of capacity and they are expecting numbers to go up once they calculate today's rain totals and what we are expecting later tonight and into the weekend. so there is certainly a bright side in all of this. >> we haven't had a year like this in a while. mark, take care. don't fall in there. not just the bay area. parts of the sierra still under a winter storm warning. this is what it looks like blue canyon, i-80 you can see that thick blanket of snow covering everything. getting snow plows out there. snow falling steadyly every day. another 3 to 7 inches possible tonight. >> 17 feet in three days. >> that's what roberta said. >> have you been busy all day? >> i slept in, got a manicure, pedicure. it has been every single day, right. three storms in four days and
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another storm sitting there. this is the first time we had rain. when you look at a monthly total all these totals are over just a four-day span. napa with 6 and a third. over 4 and three quarters in pleasanton. 4.5 inches in san bruno as well. it still to rain. high-def doppler radar. the heavy precipitation lifted from the south to the north. how odd is that? we usually have it coming from the north to the south. this is a pocket of very heavy rain containing hail. anywhere from san francisco up the peninsula it is pretty wet at this hour with light to moderate rainfall. the south bay has been inundated all day long. on top of the rain everybody was talking about the very cold conditions. temperatures 43 degrees to 52 at half moon bay. meanwhile, other notable
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numbers only 19/100ths of an inch of rain. east bay with more rain than the north. that's because our area of low pressure that really began in the north bay and was digging to the south came back again. temperatures overnight tonight with the rain 30s and 40s. so there you have it. and it looks like it will continue to provide rain in the overnight hours. it will be wet tomorrow with storm number 4 on track. now let me show you when that's going to arrive. here is your saturday. a break at sun-up. then everything quickly fills into the bay area. we have more rain. i've got to tell you, allen, dana, snow on top as well. we will talk about totals for saturday and how much to expect coming up later in the broadcast. >> roberta, thank you very much. the fishing season officially opened in the bay area today. and for one local lake you might call it a trout-a-polusa. the largest in years. don knapp on the fishermen's bounty. >> reporter: in 18 years of
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fishing san pueblo reservoir robert has never had better odds. the place with lots of trot. some 18,000 pounds of trout have been planted here. nearly eight times as many as usual. and some good sized ones too. >> one to two pounders. and the fish hatchery had extra fish so we loaded up. >> reporter: the reservoir is nearly filled and loaded with trout. this opening day at san pueblo reservoir presented some tough choices for fishermen. come get trout or stay home. real fishermen and women came out. so who are these folks? >> retired or die hard or got nothing else to do and the wife said get out of the house. >> which are you? >> i kind of fit into all three. my wife did say get out of the house. she said take the boy while you're going. >> reporter: it took tony three hours to catch a two pounder.
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>> you would think you would come up with more than one then. >> reporter: it was a great day? >> great day. >> reporter: charlie tubbs visiting from texas holds a catfish but there were plenty of trout in his group of friends. >> probably about 8 to 10, 11 fish. took us about four hours. >> reporter: normally they plant 11,000 pounds a week. >> this week we put 18,000 pounds. >> reporter: does it make it easier to fish. >> they call it fishing, not catching. >> reporter: fishing or catching, it is always good this man says. >> you come out here and unwind after a bad day at work. you can fish. you don't need anyone to fish with. you can just fish alone. and it is fun. >> what if you don't catch anything? >> that's no problem for me. whether i catch anything or not i would rather be here than anywhere else. >> reporter: at san pueblo reservoir, don knapp, cbs5. >> if you catch and release, they call you crazy.
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another way to have your credit score drop. that's in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a ribbon cutting the first new bart station in eight years. today a celebration opening. a ribbon cutting for the station. it is the first station built between two others. interstate 580 and included 1200 parking spaces. bart hopes that it will alleviate pressure on the dublin pleasanton station where it fills up by 7:30 a.m. in the morning. >> proudly offering to more residents of the bay area to take the opportunity of the transit, part of the solution for a cleaner, healthier and
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sustainable future. >> well, eventually they think the station will be a transit hub where people live, work, shop. the first train rolls through west dublin pleasanton station 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. something else that can affect your credit score. robert lyles on why renters better pay on time. >> reporter: it was once a first step towards independence. renting your own place. but since the mortgage meltdown renting has become a necessity in the bay area. as tens of thousands of former homeowners raced into anywhere accepting renters. >> they didn't do a background check? >> no >> reporter: one local landlord says that's how they were duped. >> we were in a situation where we didn't get paid for months on end. >> reporter: even though they checked credit but credit reports only show a sliver of a
6:22 pm
renter's history by mentioning evictions. >> they probably had another situation before us that we couldn't see into. >> reporter: a credit giant is changing all of that. for the first time ever they are incorporating monthly rental payments on your credit report which will affect your credit score saying this is imperative to reflect the true credit worthiness of those that will responsibly pay on time. >> reporter: they worry about experienced new reporting policies. he knows when tenants with legally with hold rent and what legally constitutes a late payment. >> but when you start allowing homeowners who are landlords who maybe own one or two properties who are not professionals there is the potential for unintentional or intentional abuse. >> reporter: but it is happening nontheless so roommates beware your late paying best friend could ruin your credit. >> each tenant when there are
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more than one they are jointly and severly liable. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs5. well, we are beginning to see the effects of this latest storm moving through the bay area right now. we have video that just came in of a power outage in the east bay. this is happening at the rockridge neighborhood of oakland. it is lights out at a safeway store in the shopping center at 51st and college. and, in fact, people are being escorted out of the store right now. so it is a power outage in the east bay. we will keep our eye on that and see if it expands or if they get the lights back on. well, for a community that needs jobs, it is enough to get people lining up. how many workers might get hired to help dismantle it. who might get those jobs. something that drives taxpayers crazy. the latest report that your tax money is being used to buy someone else's booze and cigarettes. it is a little perk we all
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get if we stick around long enough but when are we officially seniors. i don't know if i want to know but that is tonight's good question. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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's first employee the west coast first ever ship recycling plant opened for business today in vallejo. the company's first employees have already been hired and started their first day of work. juliette goodrich tells us more good news for future job seekers and the city. >> i was down-and-out for a while. >> reporter: an early morning phone call changed his life. >> i got the call and he said, hey, do you want to work? i sat up and said, yes, i do want to work. he said, well, come on down to marin island and we want to talk to you. i said terrific. >> reporter: this father of three now employed by allied defense recycling. >> it was like a ghosttown. there was no work and a lot of companies have left the area. >> reporter: a ribbon cutting ceremony today marked the official opening of the ship recycling facilities and future
6:28 pm
opportunities on the shipyard. so we go from a naval city to one of the largest commercial problems and the bigger vision, the domino effect. create jobs, help existing jobs and rebound the housing market. the mayor of vallejo says it is a new day for his city. >> it renews the hope and determination that the citizens this community has as well as the business. >> reporter: they plan to expedite the clean up of a bay which currently houses more than 50 mothball navy ships. >> this can become a full service shipyard which will end up creating thousands of jobs at this facility. >> reporter: today's grand opening marks the start of a future start of jobs for allied employees. >> here i am. and it is so happy. i can take care of my children. medical coverage benefits.
6:29 pm
and a steady paycheck. no unemployment any more. >> reporter: in vallejo, juliette goodrich, cbs5. >> that is huge. using your state benefit debit card to buy cigarettes and booze. yes, it is possible. and people do it. republicans want it to stop. >> potatoes. vegetables. basic things you need. >> reporter: richard says he only uses his state-issued electronic benefit card for essentials and nothing more. >> it is impossible. you can't buy alcohol or cigarettes with food stamps. >> the idea here is to tighten down on the abuse of the card. >> reporter: senate republican leader bob dutton insists it is possible to use it for alcohol and tobacco and he is creating a law to prevent those purchases. >> they are supposed to create a safety net for the basic necessities that people require to go on with their lives but
6:30 pm
alcohol and tobacco is not two of those items that you absolutely must have. >> reporter: store owners we talked to today tell us this isn't really the issue the bigger concern is the cash back that can be given. we talked to the department of social serviceses. they did not return our e-mails or calls for a response. in sacramento, cbs5. first it was state workers' cell phones now the governor looking to cut costs by eliminating more things. state agencies have to stop spending money on little promotional trinkets. they cost 7.5 million between 2007 and 2010. >> i had no idea of that. in a government this big stuff goes on that people in other parts of government don't know anything about it. it is shocking.
6:31 pm
>> the state facing a deficit of nearly $27 billion. the sacramento bee reports that it will coincide for june. here was the scene last night in woodside. cheers. mark ruth tomarkapple and facebook. netflilix. >> no doubt about it, the issue of abortion stirs very personal feelings but today at the u.s. capitol it was a very personal story. >> i'm one of those women he
6:32 pm
spoke about just now. offering a deeply personal revelation that left a house chamber stunned in silence. how many times did your teacher tell you to stretch before working out. now a new line of thinking. is all that stretching a waste of time? the nuggets carmelo anthony. did he make up his mind as he headed to new jersey? you'll find out. it has been a year since this player nearly lost his life on a basketball court. he is doing just fine. you will hear from him coming up in sports. ,,,,,,
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you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. took an emotional turn last night, when san mateo congresswoman jackie speier revealed t abort a a heated debate on the florida house of representatives took a major turn last night. a woman revealing she had to abort a pregnancy. debate on whether to strip planned parenthood of its federal funding. >> i had really planned to speak about something else but the gentleman from new jersey
6:35 pm
has just put my stomach in knots because i am one of those women he spoke about just now. i had a procedure at 17 weeks, pregnant with a child that had moved from the vagina into the cervix and that procedure that you just talked about was a procedure that i endured. i lost a baby. >> by law federal funds cannot be used for abortion but planned parenthood does provide other reproductive health services as well. the house voted to end funding. the proposal goes to the senate where it faces more opposition. whether you do ironman competitions or jog around the block, many runners stretch before they take off insisting that this routine is beneficial and will prevent injury.
6:36 pm
well, now a new report says not so fast. dr. kim mulvihill reports. . >> reporter: he always stretches before he runs on the treadmill. >> prevents injuries and feels good. >> reporter: that might not be true. a new study shows stretching before running does not prevent injury but it won't cause injury either. this running coach believes stretching has its benefits but preventing injury isn't one of them. >> static stretching alone doesn't prevent injury in any way we have known for a long time and doesn't have effect on performance in any manner. >> reporter: there would be injuries if they were overweight, had previous injuries or changed their routine. if you don't stretch, there is no need to start. >> when you make quick changes to a routine your body has to react to that. and sometimes that can lead to
6:37 pm
possible problems. >> reporter: some doctors say the best warm up before running is to start out walking. former college football player coleman isn't changing his ritual. >> stretched my entire life. >> reporter: he is sticking to what works for him. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. >> you do enough running over enough years and you'll feel it all start to add up. but with added years do you get a few perks? you do. but when exactly is that. at what age do we become seniors. ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> you consider yourself a senior? >> no, i don't. >> really? >> i think of myself as an 18- year-old. i don't look it. >> what's your driver's licence say? >> it is one of those weird things that really has no defining parameters. when do we become senior citizens. >> senior isn't necessarily and age, it is more kind of a state of mind. >> aarp says in our society
6:38 pm
senior age requirements are all over the place. >> social security is 62 and 65. medicare is 65. retirement communities are 55 plus in order to get the nice pool and the quiet condo. aarp. we are 50 and older. >> when you ask mature adults whether they consider themselves seniors, you're likely to get answers like this. at what age do we become seniors? do we consider ourselves seniors? >> some age older than i am. >> 85. >> why 85? >> because my father started seeming older when he turned 85. >> saying things are different today. a lot of people aren't ready to go there. >> senior is associated with retirement. our research says that 80% of boomers plan to work into their retirement years and some don't actually plan to retire at all.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good question. we are just getting some word. bart service between san francisco and oakland has been suspended. apparently trouble is at the west oakland bart station. first reports indicate there is some sort of trouble with the tracks. no service in either direction between the two cities and the east bay and san francisco. you can imagine system wide delays now. reports are getting stations in san francisco and east bay, they are packed. people are stuck there. no service between oakland and san francisco. don't know if it has anything to do with the power outage in the rockridge neighborhood of oakland but we will try and put all of this together before the end of the newscast and get you word. it is our high-def doppler radar. when you take a good look at this, do you know what it means? it means it is a bad evening commute. the day the rain will end. pinpoint forecast is up next. >> she has been wearing this
6:40 pm
bracelet since she was 12. >> engraved with the name of a soldier she never met. the phone call she waited 40 years for. coming up next. ,,,,,,
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walnut creek has kept that promise. kie it she made a promise when she was 12 years olds. nearly four decades now the woman from walnut creek has kept that promise. kiet do shows us it has to do with a bracelet and a man she never met. >> reporter: to remember missing and captured american soldiers of the vietnam war, millions of these stainless steel bracelets were made. this is a story about one of them. >> but it has always been on you? >> i have never taken it off. >> in 38 years? >> 38 years. >> reporter: kathy strong got her bracelet christmas day 1971 engraved with the name of a complete stranger james moreland. she was 12 years old and promised to wear it until he came home.
6:44 pm
>> why do you make that commitment? >> i made a promise. >> reporter: moreland was a football star, handsome and cocky. he was gravely wounded. the next day his fellow soldiers escaped but had no choice and left him behind. february 7, 1968. kathy would go on to wear the bracelet around the world with the pictures to prove it. last week she got the call she had been waiting for for nearly 40 years. >> they just called and said you won't believe it. you won't believe the news. he has been found. his remains have been found. he is finally coming home. it is an answer to a prayer. >> reporter: this may kathy will travel back to moreland's hometown and take the bracelet off and bury it with his remains. she has grown close with the family of a man she has never met. >> do you love him? >> of course. you can't pray for someone every day and think about him every day without -- yes, i
6:45 pm
love him and i have been waiting for him to come home. >> reporter: kathy says never forgetting was the least she could do. in walnut creek, kiet do, cbs5. >> what a promise. >> mm-hmm. what do you have? >> that's amazing because i was explaining to dana i had one of those bracelets and i wore it for many years until my just literally broke apart. captain dan intrikan. i got to stay home from school to see if he got off the planes with the other pows and he didn't. it was hard for a very young child. >> what a day around the bay area. take a look at some of the totals in and around our microclimates because you've got to remember it did not rain the first 13 days here in the bay area. so it began to rain on february 14th and since then, well, it looked like this bucket just tipped over. 6.71 inches of rain. nearly six and three quarters of an inch. there you have the total this
6:46 pm
month alone which really it has only rained for five days now. there you have pleasanton's total. san bruno a healthy numbe . 4.6 inches of rain in the bucket. right now still raining. high-def doppler radar. you see the areas of yellow on your screen that is very moderate rainfall and some of the cells -- san jose, heading in throughout the 580, 680 corridor, it is very sloppy. we have more rain heading towards san leandro in the form of heavy rain and around highway 37 all the way in towards the vallejo area and american canyon inundated with the precipitation. now, other totals in and around the bay area. take a look at this. it is very interesting, the south bay with heavier amounts of rain today. over 24 hours. then the northern portion of our districts. how often does that happen? not very. and the reason is because area of low pressure back from the
6:47 pm
south to the north. meanwhile freezing in santa rosa. areas of patchy fog in the morning and we could see black eyes on the roadways. this is storm number 3. we were talking yesterday about how it was stalling out in the monterey county area. now what it is doing is lifting back up. and we had the wrap around moisture. that's why the south bay and north bay got the bulk of the precipitation. so it remained with us during the overnight hours then we have a break from about 3:00 a.m. to about 9:00 a.m. and then storm 4 rolls in and with it scattered rain showers, snow down to about 2500 feet. and temperatures cool. pretty much in the 40s. few low 50s across the bay area. tahoe forecast more snow all the way through monday. there you have a look at the numbers. forecast for saturday numbers. dry day on sunday. then daily chances of rain from monday night all the way through thursday. that's the pinpoint forecast.
6:48 pm
>> all right. have a good weekend, roberta. they are popular. one sent a woman to the hospital. tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., a growing tend among cyclists that some argue it has to be regulated. all about carmelo anthony. is he finally headed to new jersey? and the niners. free to skip town. is his new head coach wanting him to stay? find out. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently t updating our breaking news story now. no bart service between oakland and san francisco. apparently there is trouble on the tracks at the west oakland bart station. so there is no service in either direction and as you might imagine there are system wide delays, westbound trains stopped at west oakland. bart stations in downtown san francisco are packed. it is a huge mess. again, this breaking news. there is no bart service between oakland and san francisco. we will keep our eyes on this. gary is here. does it matter where alex smith goes if he doesn't have a
6:52 pm
contract to play football. >> we will find out. 49ers and alex smith's relationship seemed to come to an end at the end of last season. smith is free to go anywhere once this whole cba mess is cleaned up. but since taking over as head coach jim harbaugh has been public in his love for smith. he re-affirmed those feelings today on the radio. >> i believe that starting quarterbacks are not anointed. that is an earned position. i'm not going to hide my feelings. i like alex smith as a football player, as a person. some people say he needs a fresh start. i say let that place be here. >> wait and see what happens. female wrestler making news after a sophomore didn't want to wrestle against a girl. today she was the first female wrestler to advance to the second round of the iowa tournament and she quickly lost both matches. she does not regret a thing.
6:53 pm
>> he made his choice. i feel like people should treat me the same way. the fact i'm doing the same sport as them, that i'm doing the same thing as them. i don't feel like i should be treated different. >> the rumors continue to swirl around carmelo anthony. is he staying in denver or going east? this has been going on all season long. and now the end is near. the deadline is this thursday. reports say that a possible deal is already in place with the nets involving a complicated multiplayer deal. carmelo anthony can put an end by just signing an extension but he doesn't want to do that. >> i'm just ready for this whole thing just to be over with. lakers. then last week it was dallas. i don't know where any of that is at. i haven't got any phone calls as of this very moment.
6:54 pm
an athlete who nearly lost his life. playing basketball and his heart stopped beating. now he is doing fine. >> it could have been a tragedy that went along with that. to watch a child. you feel so helpless. there was nothing i could do. >> the day that it happened i don't remember anything. i just wound up in the hospital. >> one year ago this month the high school student's life changed forever as he suddenly went into cardiac arrest after coming out after game at richmond high. his coach helped save his life. >> i could see that he wasn't breathing and i looked at his chest and i could see that he wasn't breathing. >> they were holding david straight up in the air and they were like calling out his name and doing all these things and he wasn't responding to anything. >> his heart had stopped. and we needed to keep this kid alive. so keeping it going until we could get the paramedics there. >> i tell him thank you every time i see him. i love him.
6:55 pm
i thank him. i feel blessed to be here. >> david is lucky to have survived as 95% of people who go into cardiac arrest don't survive. david father's larry recalls when his son came threw. >> he asked for a pen and he wrote down i love you. and right there that was confirmation enough that he had not only come back but he had come back with in tact. >> the family started a foundation. the dream to see defibulattors in all games. >> this school didn't have it. now it has three devices. >> one, two, three. >> although he can't play any more, they still have david as an integral part of their team. >> i'm going to be a trainer. i help the team, stretch them out, get them pumped up for the game. just get players ready. it is rough watching them play without me. a lot of pain behind the smile but i'll get through it. >> great to see him back.
6:56 pm
of course not playing but he is with the team and what he suffered from was wolf parkinson white syndrome, a condition that leads to an electrical abnormality in the heart. >> he will make a great motivator. >> he is here for a reason. exactly. stay dry. we will see you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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6:58 pm
an all new "eye on the bay" in hd starts now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." on this beautiful day on the bay, hello and welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm liam mayclem. it is our friday flea market. you know the deal. we have teamed up for this
6:59 pm
broadcast with our friends at inter scoler organization. they work for schools all over the country. they take their items and repurpose them or resell them then money goes back to the schools. much of it to our school children right here in the bay area. we have some of those items for sale today. we are talking about furniture, some old computers, even this old treasure from a library. but we begin with some visual aides right down there. and right before us here a collection of items interscolar is selling on behalf of a south bay school district. >> these are sort of an assortment of dioramas and dolls. visual aids. >> they came before computers? >> teachers would check them out and they would bring them into the classroom as part of their lesson plan. we have


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